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Playing Quarters

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Quarters is a popular drinking game that involves bouncing a quarter into a cup of alcohol.

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🎈 A small cup filled with alcohol

🎈 A quarter (or other small coin)

Materials Needed

🎈 A flat, hard surface like a table

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🎈 The game needs at least 2 players


🎈 Most fun with at least 4 players

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🎈 Sit around the table

🎈 Place the cup of alcohol in the center of the table


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🎈 Game in circle


🎈 Turn moves on clockwise

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🎈 The first player attempts to bounce the quarter off the table into the cup

🎈 If the bounce is successful, they can choose who drinks the cup's contents


🎈 If the player fails, they pass the quarter to the next player

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🎈 Do you want to know how to win?

🎈 Do you want to learn more?

That's the basic knowledge of the Quarters game!

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