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Playing Musical Chairs

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Musical chairs is a popular party game enjoyed by children worldwide.

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🎈Place a circle of chairs facing outward

🎈 There should be one chair less than the number of players

Setting Up

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🎈Play lively music or a designated song

Start the Music

🎈 For example. "Happy" or "Dance Monkey"

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🎈 When the music starts, all players must walk around the chairs in the same direction

🎈 Encourage them to move quickly but safely

Begin the Game

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🎈 Randomly stop music

🎈 Players should be careful, not to hurt others

Stop the Music

🎈 When the music stops, all players must find a chair

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🎈 A player who is unable to find a seat is eliminated

🎈Also remove one chair


🎈Keep playing until one player remains

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🎈 The last player remaining is the winner

🎈 Winner can receive a prize


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🎈 Do you want to get song ideas?

🎈 Do you want to learn more?

That's the basic knowledge of the Musical Chairs game!

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