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Playing I Spy

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I Spy is a classic game of observation and deduction, engaging players of all ages.

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🎈 A group of people will take turns.

🎈 The game needs at least 2 participants.


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🎈Choose one player from the group.

Start of Game

🎈 The chosen player becomes the spy.

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🎈 The spy looks around the immediate environment.

🎈 The spy selects an object visible to everyone.

Selecting the Object

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🎈 The spy says, "I spy with my little eye, something that is..." followed by a clue.

🎈 The clue can be any distinguishing feature, like color, shape or location.

Providing the Clue

🎈 It's important not to reveal the object.

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🎈 Players take turns guessing the object.

🎈The player on the left of the spy starts.


🎈Guessing continues until someone gets it right.

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🎈 Winner is the player who guessed correctly.

🎈 Winner becomes the new spy or receives a prize.


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🎈 Do you want to see an example?

🎈 Do you want to learn more?

That's the basic knowledge of the I Spy game!

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