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Playing Hot Potato

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All About Party Games Michael Casey

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Hot Potato is a popular party game enjoyed by children worldwide.

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🎈Form a circle from players

🎈 Select a small, safe object representing the "hot potato

Setting Up

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🎈Play energetic music

Start the Music

🎈 For example. "Uptown Funk" or "Wannabe"

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🎈 Players must pass the hot potato from one person to the next

🎈 The passing should be quick and continuous

Start the Game

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🎈 Randomly stop music

Stop the Music

🎈 When the music stops, the potato is now "hot"

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🎈 A player who holding the "hot" potato is eliminated

🎈Also, if a player drops the potato, they get eliminated


🎈Keep playing until one player remains

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🎈 The last player remaining is the winner

🎈 Winner can receive a prize


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🎈 Do you want to get song ideas?

🎈 Do you want to learn more?

That's the basic knowledge of the Hot Potato game!

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