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Playing Flip the Cup

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Truth or Dare is a popular icebreaker game where participants take turns choosing truth or dare.

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🎈 Plastic Cups

🎈 A table or flat surface

Materials Needed

🎈 Any beverage (usually alcoholic)

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🎈 The game needs at least 2 players


🎈 Most fun with at least 8 players

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🎈 Arrange the cups on the table's edge

🎈 Fill each cup with small amout of beverage


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🎈 Game is played in 2 teams


🎈 Both teams select who starts

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🎈 First player drinks the beverage and attempts to flip the cup upside down

🎈 If the cup is successfully flipped, the turn is passed to another teammate


🎈 The team flipping all the cups wins the game

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🎈 Do you want to know how to win?

🎈 Do you want to learn more?

That's the basic knowledge of the Flip the Cup game!

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