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Low-Preparation Party Games for Kids

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Are you looking for a low-preparation party game for kids? We have 5 options right here!

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Yellow Flower

🎈One player selects an object

🎈 The player says "I spy with my little eye something that is [adjective]"

I Spy

🎈Other players try to guess the object

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🎈As the music plays, players move around the circle of chairs

Musical Chairs

🎈 As the music stops, everyone must sit

🎈 Who cannot find a seat is out

🎈 There is always one seat less than players

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🎈 As the music plays, players toss around the "hot potato"

Hot Potato

🎈 When the music stops, the one holding the potato is out

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🎈 Players form a line or circle


🎈 First person whispers a phrase to the next one and so on

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🎈While the music plays, players dance, move, or groove around

🎈When the music stops everyone must stay still

Musical Statues

🎈Players who move are eliminated

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🎈 Do you want to get more details?

Those are the 5 low-preparation games for a kids' party!

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