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How To Play the Drunk History Game?

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Discover a unique blend of historical learning and social revelry as we delve into the world of the Drunk History game.

This guide unravels the rules, the drinks, and the laughter that come with watching history unfold in an entertaining and tipsy way.

So, how do you play the Drunk History game?

Short Answer

To play the Drunk History game, gather friends and select a historical documentary, movie, or program to watch. Create a list of relevant keywords or events tied to the historical narrative, and when any of these occur on screen, everyone takes a drink.

Join us for a spirited journey through time, one sip at a time.

What Is the Drunkk History Game?

The Drunk History game is a social drinking game inspired by the comedy television series “Drunk History,” where individuals recount historical events after consuming alcohol.

In the game version, participants watch historical documentaries, movies, or programs that depict real historical events while consuming alcoholic beverages.

The twist is that players must take a drink whenever certain keywords, events, or specific moments related to the historical narrative occur on-screen.

The game combines historical learning with social drinking, making it an entertaining and lighthearted way to enjoy history-themed content with friends or fellow participants.


It’s important to consume alcohol responsibly and in moderation when playing this or any drinking game.

Playing the Drunk History game is a fun way to combine historical learning with social drinking.

Here’s how to play.

Materials Needed

Here’s everything you need for the Drunk History game:

  • A historical documentary, movie, or program (e.g., an episode of “Drunk History”).
  • Alcoholic beverages of your choice.
  • Drinking glasses.


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Here’s how the game is played:

  1. Gather a group of friends or participants interested in playing the game.
  2. Select a historical documentary, movie, or program to watch. Ensure it covers a significant historical event or topic.
  3. Pour drinks for all participants. You can choose your favorite alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, or cocktails.
  4. Establish a list of keywords or specific events related to the historical narrative that, when mentioned or depicted in the program, will trigger a drinking requirement. For example, you might decide to drink when certain historical figures are mentioned or when specific events occur on screen.
  5. Start watching the historical content while enjoying your drinks.
  6. Whenever one of the designated keywords or events comes up, everyone must take a drink. This adds an element of fun and social interaction to the viewing experience.
  7. Continue watching, pausing, and drinking as per the established rules throughout the program.
  8. Engage in discussions, debates, or trivia about the historical events as they unfold on screen, enhancing the educational aspect of the game.

Winning and Ending the Game

The Drunk History game typically doesn’t have a winner or loser in the traditional sense, as it’s more about the shared experience of learning and having fun.

The game ends when you’ve finished watching the selected historical content or when you decide to stop.

House Rules and Variations

Feel free to customize the game by creating your own list of keywords or events and adjusting the drinking rules to suit your preferences.

You can also choose historical topics that interest you and your group the most.

Good Ques for Drinking

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When selecting keywords for the Drunk History game, it’s a good idea to choose words or phrases relevant to the historical content you’re watching that will occur with some frequency.

Here are some general keyword ideas, but you can customize them based on the specific historical program you’re viewing:

  • Historical Figures: Names of prominent historical figures relevant to the content, such as “George Washington,” “Abraham Lincoln,” “Napoleon,” or “Cleopatra.”
  • Historical Events: Keywords related to significant historical events, like “American Revolution,” “World War II,” “French Revolution,” or “Civil Rights Movement.”
  • Dates: Specific years or dates significant to the historical narrative, such as “1776,” “1492,” “1865,” or “1969.”
  • Locations: Names of important historical locations, cities, or countries, such as “Paris,” “Rome,” “Gettysburg,” or “Pearl Harbor.”
  • Key Concepts: Historical concepts or terms relevant to the content, such as “Manifest Destiny,” “Industrial Revolution,” “Enlightenment,” or “Prohibition.”
  • Historical Documents: Phrases from important historical documents, like “Declaration of Independence,” “Magna Carta,” “Emancipation Proclamation,” or “Bill of Rights.”
  • Famous Quotes: Iconic quotes attributed to historical figures, such as “Give me liberty or give me death!” or “I have a dream.”
  • Names of Battles: Names of famous battles or conflicts, like “Battle of Gettysburg,” “D-Day,” “Battle of Stalingrad,” or “Waterloo.”
  • Scientific Discoveries: Keywords related to significant scientific discoveries or inventions, such as “Theory of Relativity,” “Steam Engine,” “Penicillin,” or “DNA.”
  • Cultural Movements: Phrases associated with cultural movements or periods, like “Renaissance,” “Beat Generation,” “Hippie Movement,” or “Harlem Renaissance.”
  • Inventions: Names of important inventions, like “Telephone,” “Airplane,” “Printing Press,” or “Internet.”
  • Political Movements: Keywords tied to political movements, such as “Suffrage Movement,” “Civil Rights,” “Feminism,” or “Apartheid.”

Remember to adapt the list of keywords based on the specific historical content you plan to watch.

Don’t hesitate to get creative and include relevant and engaging terms for your participants.

To Sum Up

In the spirited world of the Drunk History Game, learning meets laughter, and history becomes an interactive journey.

With a drink in hand, friends unite to sip, watch, and revel in historical tales brought to life.

So, as you raise your glass to history’s intriguing chapters, remember that this game offers more than just fun—it provides a unique blend of knowledge and camaraderie, one sip at a time.

Cheers to the past, the present, and the unforgettable moments shared among friends.

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