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50 Great Lies for the Two Truths and a Lie Game


“Two Truths and a Lie” is an excellent party game, but sometimes thinking about a good lie can be challenging.

This article gives you 50 great lies to work with when next playing the game.

From thrilling adventures to hidden talents and jaw-dropping experiences, these lies are meticulously crafted to challenge your friends’ ability to discern fact from fiction.

Prepare to unleash your creativity, surprise your opponents, and make your next game of Two Truths and a Lie an unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned player seeking fresh ideas or a novice eager to delve into the world of deceit, this comprehensive compilation of 50 intriguing lies is here to ignite your imagination.

Overview of Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie” is a popular party game or icebreaker where participants share three statements about themselves, two of which are true and one false.

The game’s objective is for the other players to correctly identify which statement is the lie.

The player delivering the statements aims to make the false statement as convincing as possible while keeping the truths believable.

This game encourages creativity, critical thinking, and the ability to deceive subtly.

It is often played in social gatherings, team-building activities, or as an icebreaker to get to know others better and spark conversations.

50 Ideas for Lies

Below are 50 lie ideas categorized into 5 main categories.

Let’s dive in.

What About Truths?

If you want some great truth ideas, read this article!


Family on a beach

Here are 10 potential lies about family for the “Two Truths and a Lie” game:

  • My great-grandfather was a famous explorer who discovered a lost civilization.
  • I have a twin sibling who is a famous fashion designer.
  • My family has a secret recipe for a sauce that has been passed down for generations.
  • My uncle once starred in a popular TV show in the 1980s.
  • My grandmother was a spy during World War II and worked undercover.
  • My cousin is a professional athlete who has won an Olympic gold medal.
  • My uncle is a professional magician who has performed in Las Vegas.
  • I am a distant descendant of a famous historical figure.
  • My parents were once professional ballroom dancers and competed internationally.
  • My family has a long-standing tradition of hosting an annual treasure hunt.



Here are 10 believable lies about hobbies for the game “Two Truths and a Lie”:

  • I am an accomplished rock climber and have scaled some of the highest peaks worldwide.
  • I am a professional photographer specializing in wildlife photography and have had my work featured in renowned magazines.
  • I am a skilled woodworker and have crafted intricate furniture pieces for clients.
  • I am a bowling player and have won multiple trophies in various events.
  • I am a certified scuba diver and have explored coral reefs in exotic locations.
  • I am an avid surfer and have ridden the waves in popular surfing destinations.
  • I am a trained martial artist and have earned a black belt in a specific discipline.
  • I am a passionate chef and have attended culinary school to refine my cooking skills.
  • I am a dedicated hiker and have completed challenging long-distance trails.
  • I am an avid golfer and have played on renowned golf courses worldwide.


Graphic designer

Certainly! Here are 10 believable lies about skills for the game “Two Truths and a Lie”:

  • I have mastered five different programming languages and developed multiple mobile apps.
  • I am a master of calligraphy and can create intricate and elegant lettering styles.
  • I am a skilled car mechanic and have rebuilt a classic car from the ground up.
  • I am a graphic designer and have created logos for well-known companies.
  • I love to play piano and have performed for more than 500 people at once.
  • I am a proficient magician and can perform mind-boggling tricks.
  • I am a skilled makeup artist and have worked with celebrities for red carpet events.
  • I am a seasoned videographer and have produced professional-grade videos for various clients.
  • I am a gifted hairstylist and have styled hair for high-profile fashion shows.
  • I am a trained sommelier and can expertly pair wines with various dishes.


Beautiful sea between mountains

Here are 10 believable lies about travels for the game “Two Truths and a Lie”:

  • I have backpacked through the dense jungles of the Amazon rainforest.
  • I have hiked to Mount Everest’s base camp, experiencing the Himalayas’ breathtaking beauty.
  • I have sailed across the Mediterranean Sea, exploring picturesque coastal towns along the way.
  • I have ridden a camel across the vast sand dunes of the Sahara Desert.
  • I have taken a road trip along the iconic Route 66, crossing multiple states and immersing myself in Americana.
  • I witnessed the mesmerizing Northern Lights in person during a trip to Iceland.
  • I have explored the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, marveling at the rich history of the Incas.
  • I have gone scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, swimming among vibrant coral and exotic marine life.
  • I have backpacked through Europe, visiting iconic cities like Paris, Rome, and Barcelona.
  • I have gone on a wildlife safari in Africa, encountering majestic lions, elephants, and giraffes up close.



Here are 10 believable lies about likes/dislikes for the game “Two Truths and a Lie”:

  • I love eating spicy food and enjoy dishes with the highest heat levels.
  • I have a deep appreciation for classical music and enjoy attending orchestral concerts.
  • I am an avid fan of horror movies and find thrill in watching the scariest films.
  • I am passionate about extreme sports and enjoy activities like skydiving and bungee jumping.
  • I strongly dislike chocolate and find it unappealing in any form.
  • I am a huge country music fan and love attending country music festivals.
  • I thoroughly enjoy solving complex mathematical puzzles and find it relaxing.
  • I am not a fan of traveling and prefer to stay close to home rather than explore new places.
  • I have a great fondness for roller coasters.
  • I have a dislike for coffee and prefer other beverages like tea or hot chocolate.
Keep in Mind

In the game, only one of these statements would be false, while the other two are true.

To Sum Up

Playing Two Truths and a Lie is a fun and engaging way to challenge your friends’ intuition and showcase your storytelling skills.

This article gave you 50 impressive lies you can use to trick others.

If you have a great lie, let us know in the comments section.

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